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Crocs are cheap, lightweight, breathable shoes that have become incredibly popular as casual footwear. Whilst plenty of people love them there are also some major disadvantages of wearing Crocs regularly.

Here are 21 reasons that I believe are important to know about Crocs if you are thinking about wearing them for long periods of time. These tips can hopefully help you choose the right footwear for your feet and save you from any foot problems in the future.

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Why are Crocs so Ugly?

Crocs are distinctive but my gosh they are probably up with some of the most ugly shoes on the planet. These are not shoes that you are going to be wearing to any posh occasion or to work. They are casual shoes to wear around the house, in the garden, or at the beach.

The shoe’s unique design made them stand out in the market. People originally bought them for a laugh as they were cheap but then people kept buying them when they realised they were comfortable.

I personally find them hideous and so do many others. They are just about acceptable on small children but adults wearing them baffles me. However, it appears that plenty of people disagree with me and will continue buying them so they are footwear that is here to stay.

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They Lack Versatility

Talking of the disadvantages of wearing Crocs I have to talk about their lack of versatility.

These are the type of shoes that you wear casually at home when you are pottering around. Crocs are not suitable for wearing to work, in restaurants or bars, or even for long walks. This means that they have a relatively narrow band of use in comparison to some other shoes.

They Don’t Come in Half Sizes

Crocs are designed in whole sizes only and don’t offer any half sizes in their shoe range.

If you are a person who normally takes a half size in a shoe you are expected to size up when you are buying them. As anyone who is a half size knows this doesn’t necessarily work and can mean your shoes won’t fit properly.

If your shoes are ill-fitting that can cause problems with foot pain, create friction and toe deformities and nail problems.

Side Effects of Wearing Crocs – Allergies and Skin Irritations

Whilst Crocs may work well as a casual shoe for many people some people find that they cause allergies and skin irritation.

In particular, some people have found that they have got allergic contact dermatitis from wearing their shoes regularly.

As Crocs can also let in dust particles and debris as well as cause your feet to sweat this can lead to irritations as well.

They Don’t Support Your Ankles

If you have weak ankles or are looking to take part in activities that require ankle stability then Crocs are not going to be the shoe for you.

This is why I never recommend Crocs for long walks or hiking because there is a good chance you could twist your ankle or worse if you are wearing them.

Are Crocs Dangerous?

Are Crocs dangerous to wear? Well, the fact is that all shoes have the potential to cause a problem if they are worn incorrectly or in the wrong circumstances. Crocs do however have a couple of problems that make them more problematic than some enclosed shoes.

Firstly they have holes in them. Holes can allow sharp objects to pierce the foot or to get inside the shoe and cause damage to your feet.

Secondly, the shoes aren’t really securely attached to your foot in comparison to many other types of shoes. As they aren’t particularly secure they can fall off unexpectedly or cause you to slip or fall because they can move around.

Why Are Crocs Bad? – They Lack Insulation

As Crocs have huge holes in them these are not going to be the shoes that you will want to wear in colder or wet weather.

These are not shoes that are going to keep your feet warm and dry which means that you will need an alternative type of footwear when the weather isn’t great. Buying other shoes is obviously not ideal because there is an additional cost.

They Can Cause Heel Slippage

How much heel slippage is normal? Well ideally your feet can deal with a small amount but if the heel slip is too much it can cause discomfort and impact the stability of your foot.

As Crocs only come in whole sizes there are going to be a large number of people out there wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly and that heel slippage can be painful as well as dangerous depending on where you are walking.

Are Crocs Harmful To Your Feet?

There are disadvantages of wearing Crocs if you have flat feet and need additional arch support.

Typical Crocs have a distinct lack of arch support which means that your feet are going to be more likely to suffer from pronation. Arch support helps keeps your feet stable and prevents pronation. When that arch support isn’t there you are more likely to see your ankle moving out of position which can cause foot pain and impact your legs and hips.

They Don’t Have Great Traction

If you are thinking about wearing Crocs for everyday wear outside the house then you need to understand that they have limited traction.

This means that they have less grip than some shoes and this is going to make them less suitable for slippery surfaces and certain outdoor activities.

This is really important to bear in mind especially if you are an older wearer as a slip or fall can create a serious injury.

Crocs Fart Noise and Squeaking

If there is one thing that drives me mad about shoes it is footwear that makes noises. It appears I’m not alone in thinking this as some of my most popular posts are about how to stop certain types of footwear from making sounds.

Crocs have been known to produce farting sounds on squeaking in certain instances which is enough to drive anyone crazy. If you are unlucky enough to get the nosy Crocs try smearing the insides with a small amount of vaseline and try and keep your feet sweat-free to solve the problem.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Crocs?

If you are looking for footwear that is approved by podiatrists then you aren’t going to get much joy with Crocs.

As they lack arch support and are difficult to adjust they can never be described as a shoe to solve foot problems.

When buying footwear it is always good if you can find something that is adjustable and has laces or straps that can be loosened or tightened. This enables you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Crocs and Sweaty Feet

With all the ventilation holes in Crocs, you would think that you wouldn’t have a problem with sweaty feet but in fact, the opposite is the case.

The fact is that when you are wearing Crocs in the summer your feet will sweat and the plastic-style material of the shoe doesn’t absorb any of the moisture causing it to have nowhere to go.

When this moisture can’t escape it stays on the inside of the shoe and your feet will simply slide around within them. This sliding isn’t just uncomfortable it can also problems like corns and calluses, blisters and shoe bites.

Carpe Foot Lotion is your solution if you want to stop your feet from sweating and so your Crocs are wearable again.

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Why Do Crocs Hurt the Bottom of My Feet?

There is no one reason why Crocs might be hurting your feet but a whole host of them!

I’ve already mentioned their lack of ankle support, the fact that they are hard to adjust to your feet and that your feet can move around in them too much. All of these things are going to contribute to arch or heel pain as well as calluses and blisters.

If you have any food conditions such as plantar fasciitis Crocs are only likely to make the problem worse and not better.

The only solution is to look for podiatrist-approved orthopedic shoes such as Vionics that can support and improve foot health instead of ruining it.

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They Are Not Great At Absorbing Impact

If you are wearing Crocs for short periods you shouldn’t experience any problems but you might if you are walking for longer periods of time.

One of the disadvantages of wearing Crocs is that have a limited ability to absorb impact as you walk which leads to more stress on your joints and muscles.

Walking sneakers are going to be a much better choice for your feet if you want to wear your footwear for any significant period of time.

They Can Smell Bad

Even though the brand has made shoes which on the face of it shouldn’t smell this isn’t the case.

As the material of the shoe doesn’t breathe and your feet sweat this is the perfect combination for foot odors.

Vinegar, baking soda and water can help to neutralize the smells but it is a pain having to spend time getting rid of smells you don’t want.

Socially They Are Unacceptable

I’ve mentioned that they are ugly shoes but there is also the problem that there is a hell of a stigma attached to wearing these shoes.

Try and laugh it off if you will but Crocs will make you a figure of fun if you ever dare to wear them out in public.

As for trying to wear them in a professional environment, forget it. Watch your boss laugh you out of the room if you tried to wear them in the workplace!

So whilst Crocs might be ok for wearing for brief periods around the home and garden they are not an example of a great shoe for more intensive use. The disadvantages of wearing Crocs, especially for extended periods means that you could impact your foot health in the longer term.

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