5 Best Glue for Plastic Reviews of 2023 in the UK (2023)

Gorilla Glue Gorilla 25ml Epoxy Check price

Gorilla Glue Gorilla 25ml Epoxy

Epoxy Glue for Plastic

Gorilla Glue is a promising name since gorillas aren't known to be especially weak, sounds logical, we know. Ensuring the strongest long-lasting bond, this glue accommodates both household and automotive repairs.

The secret behind its strength is the two-part adhesive coming from two tubes, with the easy-to-use syringe dispensing equal resin and hardener amounts from these tubes. When they're mixed together, these two elements create a permanent bond that even moderate liquid exposure, let alone small-time leaks will not be able to break.

Even though this epoxy glue is advertised for hard plastics, the combined substance is as good at bonding steel, aluminium, ceramic, tile, wood, glass, and more. Adding to its already numerous advantages, drying crystal-clear, this glue ensures that the project looks spotless when you're done with it.

The product does not entail considerable downsides. Its biggest flaw is that the package does not include a protective cap, which is an easily solvable issue. Apart from that, one could argue that this is the best glue for plastic. Furthermore, with its five-minute set time, the glue offers ample time to reposition the item, ensuring a perfect fit between the bonded surfaces.

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Gorilla Glue Gorilla 25ml Epoxy

The Bloq Model Glue Check price

The Bloq Model Glue

Model Glue for Plastic Model Kits

The Bloq Model Glue has been described as a perfect glue for plastic models, a statement that we can get behind, at least for the most part. We're not crazy about the fact that the glue comes out really quickly, so we would recommend exercising caution when squeezing the bottle. Barring this little mishap, this is a fairly brilliant product, with the tip end ensuring easy application (again, as long as you remain gentle towards the bottle).

All you have to do is apply the glue to the surface in a direct fashion and clamp the two surfaces together. As always, the people behind this product advise that you choose well-ventilated premises before applying this adhesive and avoid contact with skin since the glue is fast-acting and the bond that it creates is pretty strong. They also recommend storing the glue somewhere away from kids but this is basically common sense, so we will not be talking about that.

We will mention though that the glue works with styrene, ABS plastic, polycarbonate (Lexan), acrylic, and more materials. We will also mention that you can choose between 30-, 60-, and 125-millilitre bottles, with the largest bottle covering even the biggest plastic models enthusiasts' needs.

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The Bloq Model Glue

The Bloq Weld Super Check price

The Bloq Weld Super

Fixing Models and Repairing Various Household Items

The Bloq Weld Super Plastic Glue is a little more versatile than its relative from the same company that we have discussed above. Sure, using this product, you can bond plastic model kits, Airfix model kits, and Warhammer figures too.

The difference here is that, aside from styrene, ABS plastic, acrylic surfaces, and polycarbonate (Lexan), this glue can also bond polystyrene items. Because that's the case, this adhesive can be used for glueing products that require clarity, like food packaging and laboratory ware, although there are also countless electronics, appliances, gardening tools, automotive parts, and even toys made from polystyrene.

Now, full disclosure, this glue is not as good at bonding polystyrene as the next glue from Bloq, but the next entry is also not as good at bonding ABS plastic and polycarbonate as this one. In other words, the glue that we're reviewing here is, again, more versatile, even though, technically speaking, they both work with the same materials (including polypropylene). Lastly, even though the glue is quite runny, it does not drip and acts fast, so you can even glue vertical surfaces without exercising considerable finesse.

To put it a little differently, people that are into modelling but also need an adhesive for repair works will like The Bloq Weld Super Plastic Glue.

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The Bloq Weld Super

The Bloq Super Glue Check price

The Bloq Super Glue

Bonding Polystyrene like Nothing Else

The Bloq Super Glue for Plastic, as you can imagine, shares multiple similarities with the two products from Bloq that we were talking about above. Its consistency is also runny but not necessarily drippy, enabling bonding vertical surfaces even when you have very limited experience doing so. The bottle also comes equipped with a nice little tip end, so you can glue the tiniest parts and details without worrying about accidentally contacting the skin. The people behind this product recommend avoiding poorly ventilated premises as well.

So, what's the difference? Well, the difference here is that this adhesive, in addition to styrene, acrylics, ABS plastic, and Lexan (polycarbonate), can also bond polystyrene. And, unlike the previous entry, this product is excellent at bonding polystyrene.

Setting these minute differences aside, you can purchase this glue in a 30-,60-, 120, or 125-millilitre bottle. Other than the aforementioned tip end, they all come fitted with a protective cap, enabling safe storage knowing that the bottle will not spill.

In short, what we have here is the best glue for people who often work with polystyrene items and a solid product for modelling and everyday household and automotive repair too.

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The Bloq Super Glue

Golden Beads Super Glue Check price

Golden Beads Super Glue

Temporary Replacement Glue

Unlike its peers, Golden Beads Super Glue is not especially runny. Also, even the most fast-acting adhesives do not bond as fast as this glue. More often than not, this product bonds in seconds, so make sure you're careful with the fingers. On the upside, owing to its blazing-fast set time, this adhesive will let you bond vertical and porous surfaces with almost unmatched ease. It is an instant fix that enables repairing and completing various DIY projects, kids' school crafts, different PVC items, items made from hardwoods, rubber, porcelain, leather, ceramics, even paper.

As you can tell from the pictures, what we're dealing with here is a 3-pack, with the 3 bottles enabling easy and precise application without glueing something that you don't want to be glued. Atop the long nozzles, these bottles are putting protective caps, so you can store them basically anywhere without worrying that you might drop them and that the glue will spill everywhere. Finally, its translucent formula leaves the bonded surfaces spotless, so you can glue items where aesthetics are a top priority.

Bottom line, this 3-pack is the best replacement option that you can bring with you anywhere or just store at home knowing that, if anything happens, you'll be able to fix most problems that can be fixed by bonding two surfaces together. Plus, the glue is both waterproof and heat-resistant, so you can use it outside without worrying about the elements.

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Golden Beads Super Glue

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