Are Crocs Good For Diabetic Feet? (2023)

Can diabetics wear crocs? Crocs come up with the best idea but initially, it was not very loved due to so many circumstances. Such as they were loose style and come in only one design and which was not fashionable.

Afterward, they introduced different designs and now many people are using them. For 4 years I am a diabetic and my mind was strained due to diabetes and footwear. Because I love wearing crocs everywhere.

I went to my doctor and ask are crocs good for diabetic foot. Then he told me the right ways to pick the best crocs for myself. Now here I come to share all those ways with you.

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Are Crocs Good For Diabetic Feet? (Explained Answer)

Are Crocs Good For Diabetic Feet? (1)

There are so many people who are confused to pick medicated shoes for diabetic patients. Because diabetes is big deal for all of us. And diabetics need to be very active to prevent their feet from complications.

If diabetics pick shoes that don’t have any stability, an open-toe box, and no arch support then they are in trouble. Because a small cut can cause many problems. Crocs are medically not for diabetics but they can be worn in a specific manner.

No matter if a person has type 1 diabetes, type II diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy. They should consider comfortable and secure footwear.

Crocs are good diabetic shoes but before getting them you should know 3 major factors.

  1. Complicated Foot
  2. Podiatrist Recommendation
  3. Nonautehtic Orthopedic Shoe

1. Complicated Foot

Do remember crocs are not for complicated feet. Because diabetes complications are not easy to handle. They can make the patient amputate the whole limb due to one mistake.

Yes, if it spread to the whole body then it is a huge process. And it disturbs mental health as well. Peripheral neuropathy is a common complication of diabetics. Symptoms of neuropathy are tingling, and pain with a burning sensation.

Are Crocs Good For Diabetic Feet? (2)

Crocs are good for diabetic feet but not for those who have peripheral neuropathy. Because they did not design for these serious problems.

2. Podiatrist Recommendation

Podiatrists do not suggest crocs for wearing the whole day. Although crocs are healthy for your feet they are not best for diabetic feet according to podiatrists.

Because they cannot save your heel from stress. And the heel can be the cause of your achy feet. Moreover, due to this reason, you may have nail problems, hammer toe, etc.

But podiatrists say if you have picked a perfect pair of crocs then you may wear them at home, and for a short duration period.

3. Nonautehtic Orthopedic Crocs Shoes

Crocs are not authentic orthopedic shoes because they are mass-produced. And they can fit in every foot easily but that doesn’t mean that you should start wearing them.

Are Crocs Good For Diabetic Feet? (3)

In serious circumstances such as neuropathy, diabetic foot, gangrene, and tendonitis podiatrists have said strictly no to crocs. For this condition, doctors prefer to make footwear in a medicated way.

Other than that we should know the best benefits related to wearing crocs. Let’s directly dive into them.

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5 Benefits Of Wearing Crocs For Diabetic Feet

Everything has its own benefits to defend the company. But they are true and crocs have been used mostly in past years. Crocs have the right to get sold because of many good reasons but should diabetics wear crocs? Let’s discuss them.

1. Ergonomically Perfect

Ergonomics are so important when it comes to footwear. Ergonomics council and APMA made them perfect therapeutic shoes to prevent you from having achy feet. They approved the design for diabetics. Moreover, they have many other benefits.

With fashion and style, they are providing a comfortable walk. And making sure that crocs are healthy for your feet. Always check the ergonomics before getting your hands on chairs and footwear.

2. Roomy Toe Box

Toes box has real competition for making crocs good for diabetic feet. Because the toe box makes your finger comfortable while walking and standing. The roomy toe box will prevent your fingers to get squeezed.

Also, it allows blood circulation to flow with sufficient pressure. And your toe will never get numb. Moreover, you are safe from any foot bad condition because crocs are non-binding shoes.

3. Arch Support

The foremost thing to consider while looking at crocs for diabetic feet. Because wide arch support makes your walk much easier. And your feet will be pain-free for life. The arch of the foot becomes a partner of the arch of the shoe.

So, they both distribute enough pressure on each other. Due to excessive load on the feet ligaments and tendons can be torn.

4. Anti-Bacterial Material

Crocs are made with croslite material to make them more perfect and protective. This material is anti-bacterial and never causes any bacterial infections. Not a single infection is good for diabetic patients.

This material makes your life easier. Furthermore, they are easy to clean which makes them more hygienic. And prevent form ulcers too.

5. Lightweight

Crocs are lightweight as your foot. So, your foot can bare the body weight with the shoe. Because our whole body weight lay on our feet. And we need perfect footwear that helps our feet.

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3 Best Features Of Crocs For Diabetic Feet

Other than classic crocs there are many models that can reduce the stress on your feet. Let’s discuss the best features of Diabetic crocs that will help you to walk around easily.And clear your questions here whether are crocs shoes good for diabetics or not.

1. Closed Toe Shoe

Crocs has 26 hotels in total pairs But the question is are crocs good for diabetic feet? Then listen carefully. Crocs are good for diabetic feet but not with the open-toe box. Although the open-toe box enhanced the breathability.

But they allow other objects to come into your crocs. Such as harsh stems of plants, stones, rocks, and many more harsh objects. And they can easily damage your feet. So, we recommend you get closed-toe crocs.

Furthermore, heel straps are very important to hold your feet from the back and give the best support. Heel straps allowed your feet to take steps more than you think.

2. Breathable Material

Material is the utmost thing to check while picking up footwear. Breathable material is amazing for wearing anywhere. This material makes crocs as best medicated shoes for diabetic patients.

And material makes crocs dry and prevents your feet from any infections. As well as that you can pick any color that reflects the heat and make your feet dry. Because dark colors absorb heat in the feet.

3. Removable Insoles

Crocs clogs must have a removable insole that can be removed easily for cleaning. Because diabetic patients need to maintain their hygiene. And these removals insoles are called liteRide.

Although they are expensive and useful. Indeed, this is the foremost thing because your foot is directly in contact with the sole.

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Diabetic patients must be thinking Are crocs healthy for feet? Because they are scared of the shoes due to the infection they can get. And this is valid, we all need to be very careful about our foot health.

Crocs have been a famous brand of all. Because of the quality work they are leading. For instance, they provide the best arch support, the best quality walk, and health benefits.

Crocs never allow your feet to get exposed to other elements that can harm your feet. You can wear them with socks. To know the other way to get the best one we have mentioned answering you are crocs good for diabetic feet in detail above.

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